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In India, a popular method of baking roasting and grilling is called tandoori, named after the tandoor (clay oven) that cooks in all threee ways simultaneously. The cooking has swiftly flourished in all neighboring countries and reached to Bhutan with its own flavor. Tandoor ovens were initally used for baking breads. In our kitchen, the dough stretched, shaped and smack on to the sides of the pit and baked in about 5-10 minutes in a Bhutanese style, introduced with plain butter. But back in the history, before and during the Mughal Empire, people used tandoor in Punjab, which is approximately 1,437 miles from Bhutan. this style of cooking was used for meats with whole chickens and large chunks of lamb lowered in teh tandoor on specially designed skewers. It has since become one of the most popular cooking methods in Indo-Nepal-Bhutan region. The history city of Lahore, with all the glamour and vitality of Paris, still offers the best tandoori food in the world. All tandoori meat dish are first marinated in a special spiced yogurt marinade with a natural dye called tandoori rang added to give the meat a storng aesthetic appeal with its bright red-ornage color. This coloring distinguishes a tandoori dish from all others. Tandoori meats are generally very moist and tender with a distinctive earthy aroma absorbed from the clay lining of the oven.

Bhutan is a country nested in the Eastern Himalayas, sandwiched between China and India. It is ruled by a monarchy. According to some archeological evidences, Bhutan has been inhabited since 4000 years ago. Bhutan has the are aof 38,394 square kilometers, with an altitude ranging from 100 meters to 7500 meters above the sea-level in the north. Bhutan is the country of natural beauty and is aiming for zero net greenhouse gas emissions to become not only the carbon neutral, but also carbon negative. Similarly, Bhutan House Restuarnat will have a key focus on preserving our environment by reducing the use of plastics accessories. We will do our best to preserve and promote the local environment by going green with our genuine effort. Bhutan House aims to provide exceptional customer service, in a friendly environment, keep in mind about the health for both customer and our business. Welcome and be a part of Bhutan House Family.